The Mayor’s Office

Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the municipality and its neighborhoods.

Jose M. Ricafrente Jr.
Municipal Mayor

In the municipality of Rosario in Cavite there was a boy who dreamed nothing but to be a Punong Lingkod Bayan. He wanted to help his town and felt that there was nothing more rewarding than serving his own people. The boy realized his dream. Jose M. Ricafrente Jr. became a mayor of the Municipal Government of Rosario, Cavite and has etched his name not only in the place’s history but in the hearts of its citizens.

Mayor Ricafrente joins the roster of CSC Pagasa awardees. He says that he just did his duties as a mayor who wanted just service for his people. Every step of the way, he keeps this working principle in mind, "Kapag ang tao ay dumulog sa akin at umiiyak, gusto ko paglabas niya sa aking tanggapan o tahanan ay nakangiti na siya." This is the reason why people in Rosario do not hesitate to seek help from Mayor Nonong. “6:00 a.m. pa lang ng umaga, inaantay ko na ang kanilang pagdating mula lunes hanggang linggo, mahal na araw man o pasko o bagong taon,” said Mayor.

Guided by this principle, Mayor Nonong planned for the development of the municipality. He started by rehabilitating the municipality’s marine resources and effecting coral reforestation. The devastated condition of marine resources in Rosario did not deter him from his firm resolve in bringing it back to life. He mirrored the fervent hopes of the fisher folks in Rosario whom he ceaselessly sought support in reviving the marine life. And after more than a year of waiting in patience and perseverance, all efforts paid off: the “Reeforestation” project proved to be effective in growing soft coral and algae, bringing more fish and water resources in Rosario.

Mayor Nonong’s drive in developing the natural resources of Rosario became more intense. He transformed the once dumping site into a public beach, the La Isla Bonita de Salinas or popularly known as Isla Bonita. It was not a smooth road for him. However, the more problems he encounters, the more tenacious he becomes. The victories pushed him to execute bigger projects – the Land for the Landless Program, the Rosario Water System, and the  Rosario Maternity and Medical Emergency Clinic (formerly Lying-in Clinic).

These efforts positively affected Rosario in ways that no one had ever imagined. As he performed his tasks, it dawned on him that he possessed a unique trait: extraordinary patience. “Masyadong mahaba ang aking pasensya na hindi taglay ng pangkaraniwang pinuno. Matiyaga ako sa pakikinig ng mga hinaing ng aking mga kababayan,” declared Mayor Nonong.

Indeed, Mayor’s big heart for public service enabled him to transform Rosario. He proved that selflessness leads to breakthrough contributions that can spell better lives for the people. He prays that the transformation Rosario underwent will also happen to our country.



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