The Vice Mayor’s Office

My experience in public service  has allowed me   to undertake both the legislative   and   executive   concerns.   As   the   current   Vice   –   Mayor   and   head   of   the legislative council, I campaign for ordinances and regulations that are timely, relevant, and people –oriented.

The   present   times   have   brought   about   emergent   concerns   on   the environment, health and public safety,  employment generation and stability,  and  the proper use and management of the local resources.

As of 2019, our Sangguniang Bayan has already been at work in revising and updating our ordinances and local regulations in keeping with the present needs and times. And for the next two years, our office affirms our support to our local chief executive through passage of local laws responsive to our immediate concerns.

I hope our new digital platform will better encourage us toward responsible participation and commitment to the mission – vision of our town.

On my part, I once again and forever appeal to you: “Just Love Rosario.”

Jose Voltaire V. Ricafrente
Municipal Vice Mayor

Vice Mayor Jose Voltaire V. Ricafrente has been elected to positions in both the legislative and executive capacities. As the Local Chief Executive between 2016 – 2019, he has initiated for the following: Construction of the new public market, the building of the new municipal hall, a visible and bolstered traffic management group, and a double-edged partnership with the church and the law enforcement agency (police) for the public security, order, and safety.

                An advocate for the local culture, he has pushed for the appreciation of the local history and culture through the municipal – wide “Tinapang Salinas Festival” which ushered in the locally-composed theme “Salinas, Sali Na” and the inter-school street dance competition. The established local Youth Group “Kulturang Salinas” is both a promotion of culture and youths contra illegal drugs.

                Being sports minded, he also advocated for the training of youths through the establishment of the Rosario Sports Development Council, with a team of trainers in various sports.

                He likewise believed in going down to the people which prompted him to personally oversee the cleaning of the esteros, the clearing if the streets for better parking spaces and walkways, and the beautification of public spaces and structures.

                During his term as then local chief executive, the municipality has been awarded with several recognition such as the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) for three consecutive years, the Seal for Good Financial Housekeeping, the Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance, and a medalist for the Anti-Drug Abuse Council Functionality.

                In the legislative area, he has set in motion the consolidation of all enacted ordinances and the updating of several critical ordinances. Several pilot legislation has been formulated to answer to the paramount need of the times.



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